Penguin Pay is your first choice payroll company
An agency employing 50 workers running through our Umbrella Scheme, could save themselves over £2,500 per week in Employer National Insurance contributions which become our liability. .

Penguin Pay has the core aim to help recruitment agencies and employers to work more efficiently and to maximise their potential savings. Penguin Pay provides fully HMRC compliant services, which we can tailor into bespoke products to meet the individual needs of your business.
Penguin Pay works on compliance, trust, and transparency. Choosing Penguin Pay means that you will never talk to an automated service, we strive to deliver a professional, smart approach to contractor payroll. Whatever your industry we will be able to advise you of the most effective solution for your business needs.

Our vision is simple. To be compliant, cost effective and reliable and to deliver all of these through excellent customer service. We aim to offer a consistent and trouble free service to contractors and agencies. Our ultimate goal is to maximise your return.

We are constantly updating our contracts and software to ensure full compliance with the changing employment landscape and HMRC. Our software package 12pay is fully licensed and appears on the HMRC website as approved payroll software.

AWR simplified- we have simplified the potential headache of AWR. We will guarantee pay between assignments for all contractors employed by us. This means as an agency you can be assured that as long as you complete your own due diligence checks you will not fall foul of the legislation.
Contact a member of our team on 0203 893 9346 or email us at to discuss our referral reward scheme.

Our Team

We are a friendly, enthusiastic team with a varied background across financial services. Our team has a great make-up with accountants, payroll experts, business development managers and former contractors.

Our Expertise

Now enjoying great success and boasting over 30 years accumulated experience in the payroll sector. We offer optimal take-home pay, with customer-focused processes and unbeatable flexibility.

Join us!

We are always looking to add talented people to the team as we expand. We enjoy a great team atmosphere in the heart of London. If you think you would add to the team then send us your CV and a bit about yourself.

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